Friday, February 17, 2017

the Christeen universe: More of Georgina......

 Lady Fenton rides again........

I had for a long time secretly been fantasizing about feminizing and dominating submissive boys so when after the passing of my late husband  i had noticed my up to that point rather boring loser stepson having develloped an unnatural interest in my lingerie drawer and assorted frillies, i saw my chance to have some fun and indulge in my dark hidden fantasies. I didn't really encourage him to dress immediately but at first only sorta provided him with ample opportunity and acces to a wide variety of women's clothes complete with plenty of lingerie, makeup and a even a wig! All supposedly accidentaly(lol). Later, after i had confronted him and his secret was out, i really started to enjoy controlling him and as time passed i noticed i seemed to become more and more excited by seeing his submission and compliant resignation to the new life i was seducing him into. And as while dressed up it was a certainty that he wouldn't be leaving the house of his own will so nobody would ever have to know of my intoxicating immoral scenario. Aside from my hairstylist friend Rhonda and my friendship with Henry who would visit on occasion no one knew what i was up to. And by the time i would be ready with our little ingenue nobody would for a moment question her gender and she would declare to any authority that it was all her own wish and that being a pretty young lady had always been her dream. It's all intoxicatingly delightful and right......and a little bit evil.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Georgina: There is a wanton bride in every darling little effeminate...


A half decent bridal fantasy works virtually every time when
one wants to get our little darlings in the mood to devellop true
feminine feelings, moods and especially the exquisite feminine
delights that will make them slaves to their own unavoidable
submission. One can just see the last remains of boyhood flow
out of our adorable little ladies to be.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

the Christeen universe: Georgina, Lady F. takes charge....

(from a letter to aunty)
Isn't he/she a complete doll? I kept it simple for now as i had to work with the things i
had at hand but i'm planning to go all out on her. As soon as i've done some serious
shopping i'll be pampering my enchanting little debutante with some really sophisticated
and extravagant fashions to keep her penchant for the fetish side of her little foible alive.
 She is still a bit apprehensive(especially about dating men) as it's still all a bit much to
take in but she seems to accept my authority and seems delightfully obedient and compliant.
I still get a few buts but as soon as i put my foot down she does as she is told. Unlike your
Christeen she is very conscious of the fact that she brought this on herself by his/her
earlier hidden effeminate affectations. She knows very well that too much protests would
sound very unconvincing now....
Yours Sincerely, Lady Fenton (Purring, almost intoxicated with delight)

Friday, January 20, 2017

the Christeen universe: Georgina, a new wannabe miss?

(from a letter to aunty)
I had already had my suspicions when i noticed someone had been rummaging around in my undies drawer so i decided to encourage the little perve. I proceeded to stall a box of pretty silky girly items of clothes that i supposedly collected for the local welfare shop  in Georgies closet and my little darling totally fell for my little trap. I didn't have to wait more than a day before he was prancing around in them(i even included a little wig and a pair of MaryJane shoes) and i caught him on my little spycam. It was absolutely delightful to see him doing little seductive poses and fluttering his long girlish lashes at his full-size mirror. From that moment on i knew he was in my power and i'm planning to make the most of it. I haven't confronted Georgie yet but it won't be long before he'll be answering to "Georgina". 

Yours Sincerely, Lady Fenton


Monday, December 26, 2016

Back to Christeen and uncle Bob

Sometimes i just have to elaborate on a certain picture and cannot keep myself from doing multiple versions. I just had to with this one. Again a big one worthy of use as a poster. I may still put some extra text/comment with it later but for now this will have to do.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Tv fiction history: Gyneocracy

I accidentaly bumped into this one during one of my websearches for smut in general. I hadn't seen a seemingly complete version online for ages. Absolute classic from the late 19th century as perverts like us have been around for ages obviously. Together with Miss Higheels one of the absolute classics in forced femme litterature. Virtually a must-read for every transvestite with half a (slightly perverted) brain.....(lol)

p.s. I am fairly shure though it should actually be spelled "gyneaocracy" myself.

GYNEOCRACY(complete text)


Please help me keep doing this stuff. When nobody reacts or comments when they like or dislike my stuff it gets hard for me to keep interested too. I know there are actually lots of folks watching and i have no complaints about the amounts of hits the blog gets( actually way above my expectations- i realize it it's not everybody's thing of course). I do however like to communicate with people, it's what the web used to be about and we shouldn't forget that...........


All you want is....

All you want is....